Patareiv XIV

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Patareiv XIV - 26. august

Reedel, 26. augustil keerab ennast klubi Hall soppides pärani PATAREIV.
Neljal laval näeb ja kuuleb tantsusarjade SMOKE BREAK, HALAL CLUB ja CLUB RATS residente ning Mesilas selektsiooni LIVE esinejaid nii enne kui pärast meid ja meie maitsepiire. Oled sa süsteemi vastu või õõnestad seda seest poolt, tõde on üks: ainuke hea süsteem on helisüsteem!

Steady on the grind, Smoke Break is back @ HALL shaking hands with Patareiv. 🤝
Boys are rolling the dice and selecting dancefloor hits from various styles and genres. Joined by the all-star Kersten Kõrge, who probably got something extra funky up in his sleeve. Main hall. Big game. 🎲👹
- Kirja
- Alt666
- Solecline
- Laurel 02
- Kersten Kõrge
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🔋 -= HALAL CLUB =-
In 2022 Halal Club springs forth from the fingers, eyes, brains and loins of Tarik Labrighli, Rasmus Neljand and Pasha xxxx. For years these three underground DJs have been furtively making music in their bedroom studios. All are known for their euphoric, sometimes moody and often downright kooky DJ sets in Tallinn’s clubs and legendary after-parties. Discover a magic portal of music from the bold, bonkers and beautiful, one that takes you from one culture to another in only a few notes. Labrighli: “...the fact that people can come together in one space and enjoy doing one thing is very exciting; it kinda helps people to like and accept each other through frequencies.”
LV based duo consisting of LIMPO & SMILTIS. Their sound come straight from Rīgas underbelly of AG Expect a brand new approach to ghetto electronix
- Lene Ma rue
Explores the relationship between intense narratives and industrial spaces, pushing the sound that is at once hard and uplifting. Lene Ma Rue sets are finely adjusted mixes of hard techno with a groovy approach combining hypnotic elements with club drive. At parties her sets are full of surprises but mostly you can expect fast and hard hitting beats.
Stemming from Fez (Morocco) Labrighli aka dj333666999 has been based in Tallinn for a decade where he's been one of the main forces in the underground techno scene and the brain behind Halal Club. Labrighli describes his style as a dystopian mix of techno, electro and breaks – one may call it a modern classic. Production had led him to dj-ing thanks to Mürk records founder. These days Labrighli lets his passion of collecting records and organising underground raves run wild. Labrighli's last EP ''Fine Cuts'' released on Halal Club is a good example of his approach to production, a fusion of techno and old school jungle

🔋 -= CLUB RATS =-
Get ready to meet the Club Rats on the 26th of August, between the dusty walls of HALL! The Rats have dug up some killer DJs to bring you the fuel a good rave-sesh deserves. Ready to fulfil all of your dark fantasies and filthy inner desires - 24/7 on the go, they keep it no-bullshit and straight to your dome - just like it’s supposed to be. Club Rats are aiming to create a playful, loving and accepting environment, offering a collective release of amounting tensions - so bring your love & leave your hate.
- Alexxandra
Her selection of favourite darker and lighter sounds are mixed to form a mystical and unpredictable setting. Heavily influenced by longing for tropical temperatures & sounds form dub, reggeaton, juke, footwork, trance which are carefully selected and combined with each other to create a bath of brain tingling rhythms & frequencies
- CT Venom
Might just be the word ‘’thrust’’ personified. She loves to delve into forgotten nooks of dance music, bringing bouncy trance, grimeyhardcore and playful vocals onto the dancefloor. Venom seems to be on a constant mission to pluck her audience out of their comfort zone, pushing them deep into reverberating sonicintensity. 150BPM strictly, all night long - bring your towels.
- Jette Loona Hermanis
Pulsing Baltic blood, is a performance artist, choreographer, and performer, born 1997 in Tallinn, Estonia. After finishing her studies in SNDO Choreography, Amsterdam, she has since been based in Tallinn and Riga. Her DJ sets are predominately dark and fast paced. While weaving aggressive beats with fragile melancholy, the emotional hardcore enables to exhaust the body in high energydancing, thus releasing the inner world of feelings. Motion driven sets fusing deconstructed club, electronic avant garde, dance hall, rap, trance, and hardstyle, will surely make the sweat drip.
Drawing inspiration from the more uncomfortable & manic emotions we feel. DJ and producer POLLU77E-s sound can be described as harsh noise, clipping, industrial, experimental, and ear-wormy psychedelia at times. Toxic rave, paranoia loops, anxiety-inducing. Guaranteed to leave you sweaty. Bring an extra shirt.
- R. Alexander
When playing music, R. Alexander does not like to hold on to specific genres of music. Have no expectations. Sounds will wary from clinically clean to distorted and blown out, from ear piercing to soft and pleasing, from intimidating to jolly and light-hearted.

🔋 -= LIVES at Mesila =-
- Coverboy (Live)
ɣ -
- Tactile Distortion (Live)
ɣ -

DJ sets by
- Spungin & Shinola
- Tõnis Hiiesalu
- Laas
- L6vi