Patareiv XV

August 10, 2023 no comments admin Categories Event

Patareiv XV - 25. august

The last Friday of summer unleashes itself with a murderous desire as we cheer for the 15th year for all the crazy people who love to rave.
Join us in the infinite rooms of Hall, where fourteen dazzling divas are ready to satisfy your craving for dance. No matter who you are, rave is a mother, for whom all children are equally dear.
Sistas at the Decks:
// MAIN //
- Shinola (Väike-Patarei)
- Lene Ma Rue (Halal Club)
- Micaela aka Micaxsan (HALL)
// MESILA //
- Rii (IDA Raadio)
- Maarja Nuut LIVE
- Katja Adrikova (R2 - Dark Ink Radio, IDA - Personal Space)
- Merilin (Bronx Sauna, Stockholm)
- DJ Nikunii
- Dirt Vessel (Beats From the Vault)
- Alexxandra & CT Venom (Club Rats)
- DJ britiimpeerium (Reivile Sinuga)
- DJ Intenso (Uus Laine)
- bianca (ART OF MOSH)